Celebrate Humanity is a non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting students, the elderly and all forms of contemporary art.

We believe that art makes the world a better place. Therefore, we look for gifted individuals and help them grow. We support their initial endeavors and introduce them to the art market in a manner which allows them to achieve financial independence.

Additionally, we believe two other groups, in particular, can benefit from our help, those being the elderly and young students. In our society, helping the youth comes naturally yet aiding the elderly seems to be a different story. Unfortunately, the elderly lack protections we have given other vulnerable groups such as children, women and the disabled through international laws and conventions. The elderly are left unprotected with no rights of their own. As of January 2019, close to one billion people are over the age of 60 outnumbering children ages 0 to 4. By 2050 the number is estimated to be over two billion thus outnumbering children ages 15 and under. Still, most nations ignore their rights. Celebrate Humanity believes any group left suffering will adversely affect the rest of humanity.