Celebrate Humanity is a non-profit foundation aspiring to make the world a better place for our children.

The central focus of our mission is the future of our planet. Specifically, supporting the youth of today and understanding the human impact on the world’s ecology.


We also believe that art makes the world a better place. Therefore, we are constantly looking for gifted individuals to partner with to grow and flourish. We support their initial endeavors and introduce them to the international arts market, enabling them to achieve financial independence through their talents.


Furthermore, at Celebrate Humanity, we believe that humanity as a whole need supporting, and any group not supported will adversely affect the rest of all of us. The elderly, in particular, are often unprotected.  Due to advances in medical science, the world’s average age is increasing, and this is only set to continue.  In fact, as of January 2021, close to 1.2 billion people were over the age of 60, outnumbering children under the age of 4. By 2050, the number is estimated to be over 2 billion, thus outnumbering children aged 15 and under.


Celebrate Humanity Non-profit Foundation is committed to improving the lives of the elderly, retaining their knowledge and experience for the youth of today and the adults of tomorrow.